Top 5: Ways to say thank you


We’ve all heard the saying, “a little thank you goes a long way…”

Here are the top 5 ways to show your guests you appreciate their support:


1) Bottle it up. Apply a peel and stick thank you note on each wine bottle. It’s a great take-away that your guests are sure to enjoy…sip by sip! {IDEA} Use large empty wine bottles to fill with flowers then apply each table number for a centerpiece.

2) Why not make a personalized bookmark as a thank you to hand out at a school book fair, an author’s convention or writing seminar?

3) Personalize a flat photo frame with the event date and add your favorite picture! The peel and stick photo frames are a fun wedding favor to bring home and apply on your wall. The photo frame definitely makes a unique thank you gift that guests will appreciate over and again.

4) Design a personalized thank you card online. Upload an excel spreadsheet with personalized messages for each guest and trust EventD8 to do the rest; print, address, stamp and mail! EventD8’s fulfillment services are an affordable opportunity you don’t want to miss. Prices as low as $0.55/account + postage. Call toll free 800.282.6884 to get started.

5) If kids are attending, consider stickers! Also could be used as an envelope seal on the thank you card. Upload your own design and personalize for any event.


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