4 Ways Communities can Fundraise for National Disaster Relief

It seems like every time I turn on the television there is another natural disaster happening in one part of the world. Natural disasters are an unpredictable part of life – they not only come as a surprise, they come with a high cost too. Since many families directly affected by a natural disaster may be left with no home, food or possessions, fundraising is a critical step to getting them back on their feet. Good fundraising, when properly implemented doesn’t only bring in funds, it can also keep supporters and would-be supporters apprised of the future goals and developments of those affected by the disaster, it allows those not directly affected by the natural disaster become a part of the healing process. This is especially important when the natural disaster occurs outside of the local area where supporters live. Offering supporters a chance to donate funds and necessities to those affected can make getting food, shelter and supplies to those in need happen a lot quicker. Read on my 4 ways communities can come together to raise funds for those affected by natural disaster – the more of us that get involved, the bigger difference we can make!

#1: Concerts

A concert is a great way to raise a lot of funds at a single event. Especially if you can find local and national talent that will perform for free and can find a hosted venue that can be used without payment. Regardless of the community that you live in, there is musical talent in every part of the world making this an accessible fundraiser for any community. You can spread the word of your concert through ticket sales, posters and flyers.

#2: Tournaments

This is another great fundraiser for any community – since all communities have a couple of sports that can be enjoyed year round. If you live in a warm climate, then a golf tournament is a fundraiser that would go over very well. If you live in a cold climate, you could work with a local ski resort to host a skiing or snowboarding tournament. Even small communities that don’t have resorts can host their own tournaments via sports games hosted at their local church, community center or even a large park. You could raise more funds with a tournament by selling personalized megaphones and food tickets.

#3: Silent Auction

A silent auction is a fantastic way to not only support those affected by a natural disaster, they are great for supporting your local community too. You could gather prizes from local shops, restaurants, boutiques, and studios for the silent auction. During the silent auction these small businesses receive a lot of free advertising  and exposure to individuals that otherwise may not have known about their services. This is especially effective when individuals win the prizes and are able to experience the services first hand and possibly shopping at the venue again in the future.

#4: Online Fundraising

Online fundraising is perfect if you would don’t have a lot of time or volunteers to host a traditional large scale fundraiser. You could put up a simple Facebook Fan Page dedicated to raise funds for the national disaster of your choice. Then, by adding a button for people to donate funds via PayPal or their credit card, you can watch the funds start to trickle in. Since it is fairly easy to get a page shared on Facebook via your personal community, you can potentially raise a lot of funds when working with your friends and family to get your page shared throughout the social network.

YOUR TURN: How have you and your community raised funds for national disaster relief? Please leave your comments, they support us all!

photo credit Witthaya Phonsawat via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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