Football Games, Dances, Tournments – Oh My! Keeping Your School Events Secure

Now that school is back in session, football games, dances, tournaments and sporting events will start up again! When scheduling an event, ticket replication is often an issue with the integrity of tickets being compromised. Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly easy to replicate event tickets – so much so, that even professionals may have a hard time distinguishing between a valid and fraudulent ticket with the naked eye. Ticket security is essential when it comes to entry into an event as well as to plan the correct food and beverages, seating, and parking, and can quickly turn into a safety concern if an event becomes overcrowded. Since technology with ticket replication has advanced, thankfully, so has ticket security.

We provide security tickets to minimize hassle and headache for event planners. Features include two foil designs on the front of the ticket, and a clear varnish on the back indicating the ticket’s authenticity. Each ticket is also numbered individually, so that replication is extremely difficult. Creating your secure event is always affordable with DIY Secure Tickets.

Need raffle tickets? The back of each ticket doubles it’s own value, as it provides an area for the attendee’s information for raffle purposes as well. There is also an option to add graphics to your design on the back, which provides a perfect opportunity to advertise sponsors or an upcoming event.

With security risks being at an all time high in the event planning industry, consider adding secure tickets to your budget.

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