Why Raffles Make the Best Fundraisers


Why Raffles Make the Best Fundraisers

When the time comes to raise money for a terrific cause that you care about, there is no doubt that raffles are the way to go. Short of obtaining grants or external sponsorship, raffles are the most effective type of fundraiser. Why? When measuring effectiveness, it’s all about results and this important equation:

Time + Energy + Set Up Costs vs. Fundraising Profit

Consider the extremely straightforward, cost effective logistics of setting up and operating a fundraiser. All it takes is 4 steps:

raffle prize

Obtaining prizes:

The first step is to collect prizes because they are key to running a good raffle. This is where a little networking and gumption pay off. When surveyed, most teams discover that they have a surprising number of contacts in their social, professional, or family networks and that all it takes to obtain an excellent donated prize is to ask. The major obstacle is generally not finding who to ask, but learning that it’s absolutely ok to ask. Just remember, you’re raising money for a good cause that you believe in. When you share your passion and belief, very little persuasion is needed. Practice makes perfect. The more that you practice asking for donations, the easier it gets, and that’s how you’ll end up with one (or more) excellent prizes to make your raffle successful.

Ordering tickets:

The next step is to purchase raffle tickets. Worldwide Ticketcraft makes ordering raffle tickets easy online. For custom raffle tickets you will choose a design theme and then add your event details. If you are looking for ticket sheets with numbers to use in a chinese raffle, all you have to do is order Chinese Raffle Tickets. We have the right kind of ticket to suit the style of your raffle, and in a few simple clicks your tickets will be ready to ship. A raffle is your most cost effective fundraiser because you have very little expense. Unlike many other types of fundraisers that require capital to initiate, raffles require very little in terms of supplies, equipment, and set up. Take a look at the event raffle tickets available to order now.

Determine a price: How much are you trying to raise? Are you offering a deal for those who purchase more than one raffle ticket for your benefit? Many will find a single raffle ticket affordable and just enough to help you out but there are also those who are attracted to a deal. For example, if you offer 5 raffle tickets the price would be discounted. Now you have to decide what price you are going to sell each ticket for and then set a draw date. After that, it’s just a matter of selling the tickets, it’s the 4th and final step in the process:


Selling the tickets:

Depending on the size of your raffle, you may decide to create a budget for promotion which will help you to sell tickets. This could be anything from the DIY supplies that you’ll need to create your own posters, to more substantial promotions. However, most ticket sales are achieved through a little bit of backbone. This is where most of you and your team’s effort will go, but the process is fun and fruitful. Because you’ve obtained excellent prizes, and the proceeds will go to a good cause, most tickets sell themselves. It’s mainly a matter of getting the word out and nowadays that’s easier than ever. With the power of the internet, it’s never been easier or more cost-effective to get the word out. You and your team can leverage social media as well as direct email to tell people about your tickets. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms are the perfect way to promote your raffle. You can also attend events, make announcements at work or at school, and take advantage of social settings to get your tickets out the door. A little bit of hustle can make for a very successful raffle.

Once you’ve sold the tickets, the only thing left to do is the fun bit – awarding the prize! You simply cannot compare the profit margins of running a raffle to other common fundraising efforts. The equation of time and energy investment, and the minimal set up costs of running a raffle are unbeatable. Most other fundraising ideas are far more labor intensive and require much more setup and therefore have more costs involved. All it takes are the four easy steps outlined here and you’ll be on your way. Happy fundraising!


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