The Magic of the Theater

The Magic of the TheaterCan you remember the very first time you saw a musical? The crowd, the lights, the stage, the actors… and of course the songs. All of it coming together into a spectacle that can leave audiences breathless with tears or standing on their feet cheering. For many people, that first taste of theater can set them on a journey they will follow for the rest of their lives. And there is one stop on that journey that everyone should make: Broadway.

Broadway has shaped the world of popular entertainment for over a hundred years and today is still going strong. Walk anywhere near Times Square in New York City and you can feel the draw of the theater, with giant flashing signs advertising dozens of shows. Every single night, thousands of people sit in those theaters and are entertained by some of the most talented performers in the world. A ticket to a Broadway show is literally a ticket to another world; a world of imagination and wonder. Just holding a ticket to the theater can give someone the feeling of possibility and excitement. And that goes far beyond just Broadway.

Brilliant theater is produced all over America. From professional regional theaters to high school productions, the spirit of performance is strong all over the country. Take amateur theater, for example. In many cases there is nothing amateur about amateur theater. The cast and crew of these shows put in months of rehearsal and every bit of their passion to create an experience that their audience will remember. In some towns, the local theater is at the very heart of the community. The musical productions, plays, and concerts that the town puts on are points of pride and works of love. Everyone in the town buys tickets, often weeks in advance! If you ever wonder where the singers, dancers, and actors of Broadway get their start, this is it. Once they cut their teeth on amateur productions, entertaining audiences gets into their blood.

And don’t forget about high school musicals! The productions, not necessarily the TV show or films. For students, the involvement in this kind of a production goes far beyond a local amateur musical. The kids play all of the parts, regardless of the ages of the characters. The sets are designed by students, the band is made up of students, the technicians are students… Heck, sometimes even the box office is run by students! All of this happens under the watchful eyes of teachers whose passion for theater can be infectious. Even if the students decide not to follow theater as a career, positive memories of their high school musical can follow them all their lives.

It is safe to say that, for the audience, everything starts with their ticket. A ticket is the very first impression a production makes. A polished, professional ticket can raise expectations that a really special performance awaits the ticket holder. At Worldwide Ticketcraft, we offer professional and affordable tickets for any kind of production that you are putting on. Musical, play, concert… You pick the ticket style, the graphics, the text, and we provide the tickets! After all of the weeks of rehearsal, costume and set design, lighting, booking the theater, you want your production to be a polished and professional as possible. And with our tickets, that is exactly what you will get.

One of the keys to the success of any production, no matter how big or how small, is to have professional, attractive show tickets. Worldwide Ticketcraft has just the tickets to give your next production that extra professional edge. There are DIY options like General Admission or Reserved Seating Performance and Stage Show Tickets, and Performance Tickets with Security Features. Tickets are full color, you can upload your own design or choose from one of the themes, and they ship in just 3-5 days.

And now, on with the show!

9 Steps to Make Your Next Dance Recital a Smashing Success

9 Steps to make your next Dance Recital a Smashing SuccessAre you ready to run a sensational dance recital?

You may be a seasoned dance recital planner or it may be your very first time organizing a dance performance. Either way, there are points and tips that can be removed and improved upon each year to ensure that your next dance recital is a smashing success.

Whether your recital is for ballet, modern, jazz, or another form of dance, there’s a lot of planning that goes into a successful performance day. There are sets, programs, costumes, photographers, and the management of the performers themselves—not to mention their parents! It definitely pays to start planning your recital early and carefully, paying close attention to details and by following a recital checklist.

  1. Set a Budget
    Price out your venue, setting, decorations, lighting, costumes, photography, and awards. Based on all of these expenses and the seating capacity at your venue, you can set out a realistic ticket price for the event.
  1. Book a Venue
    The most expensive part of your budget will be the venue. Make sure that the venue you choose is not only appropriate for your budget and with a suitable stage, but that there is also ample room backstage for your performers. It’s a good idea to pick a venue in a convenient location and with accessible parking. A good venue can really set the tone for your entire recital.
  1. Save the Date
    Once you’ve determined the availability of your venue, lock into a date and announce the recital with a Save the Date invitation so that families have plenty of notice.
  1. Get the Right Tickets
    Once you’ve set your ticket price based on the expenses in your budget, it’s a great idea to have your tickets prepared early so that you can start selling them at your studio and at dance classes. Whenever students attend their rehearsals, you can remind them about picking up tickets for their friends and family.There are professional and convenient recital tickets available online via Worldwide Ticketcraft that can be ready to ship within 5 business days. Choose from reserved seating or general admission tickets that are fully customizable; your dance recital will stand out with full color and “Design-It-Yourself” dance recital tickets with recital themed images to choose from.
  1. Call for Costumes
    Get measurements of all of the children well in advance and keep a record for easy reference. An Excel document or an organized database will allow you to sort by name, size, etc. Costumes are one of the key points of a dance recital so this is a great item to get started with early.Order your costumes and check them carefully for the correct styles and sizes when they arrive. Make sure to have your dancers try on the costumes several weeks before the performance.
  1. Set & Decoration
    There is a lot that you can do for decoration, no matter your budget. Depending on the theme that you’ve picked, your decorations might be quite simple, like a season (spring) or an element (water) or more involved like a time period. Whatever theme you choose, make sure to stick to your budget. Recruit volunteers with a creative flare and make it fun to participate in the decorating process.
  1. Source a Photographer
    Contact experienced photographers and choose one who fits your budget and who also has excellent customer service. Confirm the dates and times as well as the package options. Give parents the option of both individual and group photos. Photographers with recital experience should offer both in packages. Check in with your photographer again one week before the recital.
  1. Prepare for the Show Content
    Consider all of your dance groups and levels and have them begin to prepare their choreographies several months in advance. Practice makes perfect and the lead up to the show is one of the most memorable, exciting, and educational experiences that the dancers will ever partake in. As the rehearsals progress, keep an eye towards the arc of your show and what order you would like to put the run of show.
  1. Plan your Awards
    Your awards, whether they are medals or trophies, should fit into your allocated budget. Consider how you will conduct the awards portion of the presentation. Why kinds of awards will you give out? “Best Team Player”, “Most Dedicated”, “Finest Improvement”, “Top Troupe Member”, etc. Spend time considering the allocation of the awards and give yourself enough time to have the awards ordered and shipped. Also consider the presentation of the awards and how that will fit into the arc of the recital.
  1. Lock In to your Programs
    There are many moving parts to putting on a recital and many pieces of the performance can change and shift as the months go by. For this reason, it can be better to start with a very rough template but then leave your program until the month before the event takes place. This will give you some wiggle room to change the order of performances, to include all of the appropriate people to thank, etc.

There’s a lot more to running a recital than just taking snapshots of adorable children dancing. There is a lot of thought and care that goes into the planning over the course of several months or even an entire year. Staying on your game will keep the focus away from backstage angst and instead on the showcase of the performers. When you layout a clear plan and refer back to your checklist regularly, you’ll avoid a lot of stress and hassle and ensure that your recital is a smashing success!

5 Ways to Turn Your School’s Spring Fling into a Fundraising Machine

5 Ways to Turn Your School's Spring Fling into a Fundraising MachineAre you ready for Spring Fling?

Springtime is right around the corner and with it comes everyone’s favorite Spring Fling. This seasonal get together is a fun social event celebrated by many colleges and universities consisting of a series of events organized by different student groups. Activities range from sporting events to carnivals and usually culminate with a large-scale dance at the end.

Is your school planning to celebrate an event this year? It’s the perfect opportunity to raise funds for your school or a local charity. It’s a wonderful time of festivities and a natural fit for supporting good causes and doing so is easier than you might think. Read on for my 5 ways to turn your school’s spring festivities into a fundraising machine this year.

To start, I recommend connecting with local businesses and school sponsors to collect donations. The organizations can either donate funds directly to your charity or they can provide items that will be essential to the success of your Spring Fling. For example, they could donate paper supplies, food, prizes to give away at raffles, or even a space to host the celebration.

The first place to start to raise funds internally is to sell tickets for the Spring Fling. You can choose between event wristbands and tickets with stubs to be used for a raffle later on in the day, plus they make fun keepsakes. You can also sell roll tickets both for admission and also for food, beverages, or activities at the event.

This is a great chance to be creative! Everyone loves a good themed party, and this is your chance to be creative. A fun theme gives people something special to look forward to, and creates distinct memories that people will carry with them for the rest of their lives. For example, you might consider closing out the activities with a big Masquerade Ball that no one is soon to forget. When you pick a theme, you build extra excitement and sell more tickets.

Part of any great event is getting the word out and building a buzz. Even in these days of social media, there is nothing quite as effective as an eye-catching poster. An ideal poster size is 12 X 18 and with Design It Yourself poster options easily available online, you can customize each poster to include the name and date of the event, along with the day’s activities and the goal amount that you are trying to raise for your school. Posters inviting students and the community to the big event can be hung all over the campus and in local shops. Spread the word!

Both silent auctions and raffles are excellent ways to fundraise and I highly recommend that you choose to run one as part of your Spring Fling. Whether you choose to host a silent auction or a raffle is worth consideration; each has its own unique benefits. Silent auctions are great for big-ticket items that are popular enough that they could trigger a bidding war while raffles are great because almost everyone can afford to purchase a raffle ticket or two. Both of these activities will equal big bucks for your charity at the end of the event. For your silent auction, you’ll need bid slips to help the event to run smoothly, while for raffles there are a variety of ticket styles to choose from. You can also combine the idea of a silent auction and a raffle by holding a Chinese Raffle. Learn more about how to run a Chinese Raffle here.

You can also use the ticket stubs from your silent auction or raffle to collect names, emails, and phone numbers to add to your mailing list.

Spring events like the Spring Fling are some of the biggest highlights of the year. When you combine the excitement of your event with fundraising efforts, not only does everyone have an incredible, memorable time that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives, but you also generate funds to go to a great cause.

How does your school celebrate Spring Fling?

Beer Festivals Around the World

Beer Festivals Around the World“They who drink beer will think beer. “
~Washington Irving

Who doesn’t love a cold beer on a hot day? …Or on a cold day, for that matter?

Beer is loved the world over. In most places around the world, you’ll find local beer and local traditions around brewing, drinking, and celebrating.

You might wonder, who drinks the most beer and who throws the best beer festival? Though the research is from 2012, you might find this List of countries by beer consumption per capita to be interesting. I might have guessed Germany because of the infamy of Oktoberfest but apparently the Czechs particularly love a good beer, hitting the top of the list!

There are hundreds of beer festivals that take place around the globe. Whether you’re looking for a beer festival in your own backyard, or you’d like to travel to find the best beer festival, there is no shortage of events to choose from. You can visit the Beer Festivals Calendar for a very comprehensive list of events near and far.

The popularity of beer isn’t new, but there’s been a resurging interest in beer with the exponential growth of craft breweries popping up across the United States and around the world. If you’re looking to attend a terrific beer festival, here are just a few to choose from.


There are few events so famous as Oktoberfest. It’s one of the strongest associations with Germany and it’s the world’s largest celebration of beer. It runs not just for a weekend, and even for a week. Oktoberfest is 16 days long! If you’re looking for beer excitement at the end of September, head to Munich along with six million of your soon-to-be closest friends for the annual beerstravaganza.

Slunce ve Skle –

With the Czechs being some of the biggest beer drinkers per capita in the world, you know that they have to have a great festival. Slunce ve Skle translates to Sun in a Glass—quite a lovely description of beer, don’t you think?

Great British Beer Festival 

The largest beer festival in England with over 60,000 patrons and 100+ breweries, it’s worth the trip to London for this event. This is a country with a strong pub culture and a festive spirit. Cheers!

Belgian Beer Weekend 

Belgium is certainly known for its beer. Visit Brussels for their Belgian Beer Weekend and experience some of the best of what this country has to offer. The location is charming at La Grande-Place and worth the visit even without the festival.

Qingdao International Beer Festival

The largest beer festival in Asia, some call this event Asia’s Oktoberfest. Much like Oktoberfest in Munich, this festival is 16 days and features international breweries as well as their own Chinese Masters of beer making.

Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular 

When you think of Australia, you surely think of summer and all that goes with it. That certainly includes drinking great beer on a hot day, and this Sydney beer festival delivers. This large two-day craft beer festival features over one hundred beers that are unique to the event and breweries from around the world.

Keyaki Hiroba Spring Beer Festival 

The Europeans aren’t the only ones who love their beer. The Japanese are connoisseurs of good beer. They have mainstream beers like Sapporo and Kirin Ichiban but they also have wonderful microbreweries that many of us have never heard of. If you can make your way to Japan, put this festival on your radar.

Great American Beer Fest

For an event closer to home, visit Denver for sudsy celebration of beer in your own backyard. This event includes the big reveal of the winners for breweries and brewpubs of the year—very exciting!

Attending these events couldn’t be more fun, and that’s thanks to a lot of organizing that takes place behind the scenes. Large-scale beer festivals like these operate smoothly through careful planning, security, and taking safety precautions. Many festivals to choose to order their tickets and posters from Worldwide Ticketcraft with their professional tickets, convenient ordering, and quick order turn around time. Event planners for Beer Festivals make great use of Beer Festival Wristbands, Beer Festival Tickets with Security Features, General Admission Beer Tickets with choice of Vertical or Horizontal layout, Design It Yourself 12 X 18 Beer Festival Posters, and of course never forget the Beer Roll Tickets for patrons to purchase their pints!

Have you attended one of these beer festivals? Do you have another favorite festival? Tell us about it in the comments below.