(Fund)Raise Awareness with Pink Ribbon Products


You probably know a breast cancer survivor. Around a quarter of a million women in the United States are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, so it is a very common cause to fundraise for, and a very worthy one. Next month, October, is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the perfect time to kick your fundraising efforts into high gear. In a previous article, we talked about 7 Ways to Fundraise for Breast Cancer Awareness All Year Long, and today we’d like to share one of our new admissions product lines in an effort to promote awareness.

Introducing the Pink Ribbon Awareness line: admission tickets, raffle tickets, posters, and wristbands all featuring a pink ribbon motif and color scheme. The pink ribbon symbolizes hope, and the importance of research and treatment for breast cancer sufferers. It is instantly recognizable and brings together entire communities of breast cancer survivors, fighters, and their supportive friends and family. So when you’re planning a fundraising event for breast cancer awareness, the pink ribbon is a perfect design theme, and is now available on some of our most popular customizable products.

Some key features you’ll find for these pink ribbon products include:

  • Customizable text. Have your admissions products tailored to your event.
  • Logo upload option. Is your organization putting on a fundraiser? Get recognition by adding your logo to admission products, so your guests know just how committed you are to the cause.
  • Sequential numbering. For admissions and raffles, this feature makes staying organized and tracking sales a breeze.
  • High quality materials. Have your admissions products look and feel professional in every way. Tickets make great souvenirs of the event for attendees!
  • Fast shipping. All of the pink ribbon products ship within 5 business days or less! Quick delivery to anywhere in the US, or internationally.
  • Upload your own image. Don’t want to use our pink ribbon designs? You can design your own art and backgrounds, and upload them for completely DIY printing.

We’re really excited about fundraising for breast cancer awareness this October, and hope you’ll join us in fighting for a great cause. Worldwide Ticketcraft is the best place to find all your fundraiser event products, and our new Pink Ribbon Awareness line is ready for action. As a community we can beat cancer by raising funds to further research, support those currently affected by the illness, and boost awareness for women everywhere.