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Event Admission Tickets

Event admission tickets are available to order online instantly!

Choose any ticket quantity up to 2000 for $60.

We have the best selection of pre- made tickets for all occasions or, if you feel creative, you can design your own. Each ticket has a 1.5″  stub and is sequentially numbered making it a great ticket for raffles. Place coupons on the back, thank your sponsors or even advertise. Work with our designers and create a ticket that is personalized to your event. Some people love to keep their tickets as souvenirs. Make your ticket memorable!

Order before December 31, 2013 to qualify for Free Shipping.

Powerful Posters


“I could create my poster on the fly and actually see it being designed as I made different choices.”

I was asked by my church to organize a fundraising event for victims of the storm that ravaged our community. Many different ideas crossed my mind, such as a walkathon, community dance, golf tournament but what I wanted more than anything was to help the people of this small town. I knew I could send emails, list the event on Facebook and tweet about the event, but what I was looking for was a visual advertisement of the event. That’s when I found, an online company that specializes in everything you need for an event.

After settling on a golf tournament, I found a golf themed design, perfect for advertising the fundraiser. What made it even better was the fact that I could create my own design, by uploading my own image, select a background theme from their library, and type in whatever text I needed. Further, I could create my poster on the fly and actually see it being designed as I made different choices. I could try different text, adjust the font type, size and color, all before agreeing to the proof and placing my order.

While in their website I saw a fundraising thermometer, perfect for showing everybody the goal we had set and the progress we were making to help. It was a great way to show community support.

Creating event products online was easy and helped my efforts in making this fundraiser seamless and successful.

Get Organized: #1 Choice for Tracking Gifts


Just can’t remember what gift you received to send a thank you? Maybe you want to track your fundraising efforts?

Introducing the Gift List Pad. What a great way to keep track of gifts! Birthdays, weddings, showers, fundraisers, no matter what the occasion, our gift list is a wonderful way to keep accurate records that will enable you to write individualized thank you notes. We even included a box for you to check once that thank you has been written. There are 18 lines per sheet for a compact way of remembering the gifts you received for events year after year. Select your favorite color and enjoy getting organized.

Top 5: Ways to say thank you


We’ve all heard the saying, “a little thank you goes a long way…”

Here are the top 5 ways to show your guests you appreciate their support:


1) Bottle it up. Apply a peel and stick thank you note on each wine bottle. It’s a great take-away that your guests are sure to enjoy…sip by sip! {IDEA} Use large empty wine bottles to fill with flowers then apply each table number for a centerpiece.

2) Why not make a personalized bookmark as a thank you to hand out at a school book fair, an author’s convention or writing seminar?

3) Personalize a flat photo frame with the event date and add your favorite picture! The peel and stick photo frames are a fun wedding favor to bring home and apply on your wall. The photo frame definitely makes a unique thank you gift that guests will appreciate over and again.

4) Design a personalized thank you card online. Upload an excel spreadsheet with personalized messages for each guest and trust EventD8 to do the rest; print, address, stamp and mail! EventD8’s fulfillment services are an affordable opportunity you don’t want to miss. Prices as low as $0.55/account + postage. Call toll free 800.282.6884 to get started.

5) If kids are attending, consider stickers! Also could be used as an envelope seal on the thank you card. Upload your own design and personalize for any event.


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