Football Games, Dances, Tournments – Oh My! Keeping Your School Events Secure

Now that school is back in session, football games, dances, tournaments and sporting events will start up again! When scheduling an event, ticket replication is often an issue with the integrity of tickets being compromised. Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly easy to replicate event tickets – so much so, that even professionals may have a hard time distinguishing between a valid and fraudulent ticket with the naked eye. Ticket security is essential when it comes to entry into an event as well as to plan the correct food and beverages, seating, and parking, and can quickly turn into a safety concern if an event becomes overcrowded. Since technology with ticket replication has advanced, thankfully, so has ticket security.

We provide security tickets to minimize hassle and headache for event planners. Features include two foil designs on the front of the ticket, and a clear varnish on the back indicating the ticket’s authenticity. Each ticket is also numbered individually, so that replication is extremely difficult. Creating your secure event is always affordable with DIY Secure Tickets.

Need raffle tickets? The back of each ticket doubles it’s own value, as it provides an area for the attendee’s information for raffle purposes as well. There is also an option to add graphics to your design on the back, which provides a perfect opportunity to advertise sponsors or an upcoming event.

With security risks being at an all time high in the event planning industry, consider adding secure tickets to your budget.

Wristbands You’ll Love + We Have a New Website!


Can you believe that summer officially starts in just a few weeks? If your organization has a busy summer planned, have we got a fantastic product for you! Our Tyvek™ wristbands are a must for those upcoming summer events. Whether it’s a summer camp, pool party, business fundraiser, water-park opening, or concert – our 24 hour wristbands are your admission solution. Our wristbands are perfect for tracking admissions to your event. They come in sheets of ten that are sequentially numbered and each wristband peels off, making them easy to hand to customers as they pay to enter the event. Since they are waterproof and very durable, they are perfect for any event – even ones where your customers are going to get wet! And while all of that sounds great, I haven’t even gotten to the best part – our wristbands are super affordable at $5 for 100, $13 for 500 or $25 for 1000, making them an excellent idea for any organization.

A great way to utilize the wristbands is by choosing and designating a color for different categories. For example, if you own a water-park, it would make sense to choose one color for children, another for adults and a last for seniors. The reason using colored wristbands is so important is to control access to the event by giving venue workers a visual (only those with a wristband should be at the event) and for tracking admissions. Also, many people like to keep wristbands as a keepsake to remember the occasion and if your is branded, then it is like free advertising too!

Our wristbands come in  a variety of colors and be adjusted to fit any size, child through adult.  They are simple to use, and can be customized with your unique branding. If you order solid colored wristbands, they can be shipped the same-day as long as your order is submitted by 2 p.m. BONUS: If you spend $50, you get free shipping.
You Asked and We Listened!

We have a new and improved website that makes finding and ordering your favorite event products a breeze! Simply click on the product you are interested in at the top of the page, click “Add to Cart” after choosing the quantity and color and then proceed to our 1-page checkout. You can even order from your smart phone, since our website is mobile-friendly.

If you have an event that is quickly approaching, we highly recommend our wristbands, you will love them!

P.S. We are now on Twitter, where we will be sharing great event tips, products, and more! Please follow along @EventD8


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5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is May 11th and it’s the one day a year set aside to celebrate Mom. We all know at least one hard-working mom who deserves way more appreciation than can fit into a single day. Here are some ideas to help the mom in your life have the best Mother’s Day yet. If you really want to knock it out of the park, do them all!

#1: A Photo is Worth a Thousand Words

Simple but powerful: what mom doesn’t love photos of her kids and family? A great, framed snapshot or two is a quick easy gift for the kids to put together and is sure to melt Mom’s heart. If you like to get creative, there are many online photo services that offer dozens of options for personalized gifts from photo mugs with Mom or Grandma’s name to iPhone cases to calendars. If you’re really savvy and have some time on your hands, put together a photo montage for mom set to some of her favorite music. For art-loving moms, commission one of the many Etsy artists who paint custom portraits from photographs.

#2: Shower Her with Flowers

With all its new life, sunshine, and warmth, spring is the perfect time of year to celebrate mothers. A freshly planted flower bed will brighten the yard and show Mom you appreciate the warmth and beauty she brings every day. If she’s a gardener herself, make planting flowers an afternoon activity that the whole family can participate in. If you don’t have a yard or garden, pick up some loose stems at your local grocery store and bring spring inside! Place arrangements around the house so Mom can wake up to a fragrant and colorful indoor garden.

#3: Art Collection

While the fridge is a great first stop for your little ones’ creations, there’s only so much room for masterpieces amidst school papers, to-do lists, and pizza joint magnets. Immortalizing your kids’ art will let Mom treasure it forever and save it from the hazards of kitchen messes and faulty magnets. Especially prized pieces can be framed and hung gallery style in a hallway, or upload entire collections to a photo-sharing site to create a coffee table book that Mom can proudly show off to guests. Your kids will appreciate that you saved their masterpieces later on, too!

#4: Pamper Her

All moms want it, though few will designate the time and money to make it happen. I have yet to meet a mom who wouldn’t benefit from a relaxing day at the spa to rejuvenate and feel pampered. Many spas offer a variety full-day packages to choose from as well as shorter, a la carte services. If a spa day doesn’t fit your family’s budget, a gift basket with some relaxing tunes, homemade lavender bath salts, a soothing eye mask, and an afternoon off will give Mom a mini getaway at home.

#5: Maid to Order

Every exhausted mom, whether she’s new to the game or a seasoned vet, dreams of coming home to a scrubbed, spotless house and fantasizes about a deep cleaned, food-and trash-free car. Even if you can’t accomplish a full spring clean for mom, a one-room deep clean or reorganization will surprise and delight her. If you want to give her the full package, hire a cleaning service to come in or send her car to a detailer while you send Mom to the spa! She’ll return relaxed and overjoyed and I promise she won’t soon forget the Mother’s Day when she got to kick back knowing there was one less chore on her very long to-do list.

 YOUR TURN: How do you plan on celebrating your Mom this Mother’s Day?

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Rock On with Custom Concert Tickets, Backstage Passes and Badges at Affordable Prices


If you are a small local band or up and coming musician, you know how important summer is to your growth and success! Summer is always jammed packed with concert series, outdoor music festivals and other opportunities to showcase your talents in front of a large audience. While booking a gig at one of these coveted productions will be amazing for your career, it can be tough on your wallet. Especially since many new artists don’t have a huge budget to spend on concert tickets, backstage passes and badges for their staff, crew, security guards and media personnel. Both of these items are very important to the success of any musician or band – you don’t want individuals who don’t have a valid ticket to be able to enter the concert and those people who need backstage access, need to be quickly identifiable.

At EventD8, we offer a great selection of printed concert tickets and badges that can be customized to fit any music genre including rock, dance, country, blues and jazz. With 7 different designs there is sure to be something that will fit your brand perfectly.

Our concert tickets come with gold foil and varnish on the back to keep your music event secure and allow for you to completely customize each line of text, and pick your own colors too. Our badges come in packs of 10 complete with your choice of clip or lanyard – they make staff identification a snap. The best part, our printed concert tickets and badges are super affordable and will fit into the budget of any musician.

So, if you are one of the lucky bands or musicians who has booked an amazing local event this summer, now is the perfect time to order your concert tickets and badges! Don’t wait – EventD8!

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Tickets galore!

Event Admission Tickets

Event admission tickets are available to order online instantly!

Choose any ticket quantity up to 2000 for $60.

We have the best selection of pre- made tickets for all occasions or, if you feel creative, you can design your own. Each ticket has a 1.5″  stub and is sequentially numbered making it a great ticket for raffles. Place coupons on the back, thank your sponsors or even advertise. Work with our designers and create a ticket that is personalized to your event. Some people love to keep their tickets as souvenirs. Make your ticket memorable!

Order before December 31, 2013 to qualify for Free Shipping.

Top 5: Ways to say thank you


We’ve all heard the saying, “a little thank you goes a long way…”

Here are the top 5 ways to show your guests you appreciate their support:


1) Bottle it up. Apply a peel and stick thank you note on each wine bottle. It’s a great take-away that your guests are sure to enjoy…sip by sip! {IDEA} Use large empty wine bottles to fill with flowers then apply each table number for a centerpiece.

2) Why not make a personalized bookmark as a thank you to hand out at a school book fair, an author’s convention or writing seminar?

3) Personalize a flat photo frame with the event date and add your favorite picture! The peel and stick photo frames are a fun wedding favor to bring home and apply on your wall. The photo frame definitely makes a unique thank you gift that guests will appreciate over and again.

4) Design a personalized thank you card online. Upload an excel spreadsheet with personalized messages for each guest and trust EventD8 to do the rest; print, address, stamp and mail! EventD8’s fulfillment services are an affordable opportunity you don’t want to miss. Prices as low as $0.55/account + postage. Call toll free 800.282.6884 to get started.

5) If kids are attending, consider stickers! Also could be used as an envelope seal on the thank you card. Upload your own design and personalize for any event.


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