Season’s Greetings: How to Raise Funds for Your School This Holiday Season


The holidays are the perfect time of year to raise funds for your child’s school. Since it is already September, now is the perfect time to start planning your holiday fundraiser. Be creative and don’t feel compelled to put up the same old card table to sell homemade treats for 50 cents apiece. There are more lucrative ways to raise money these days besides bake sales! With a little planning and preparation,  you school can end the holiday season in the black – with funds for that school library makeover or new computers for the tech lab!

Go the traditional route with a twist!

It’s up to you and your school to decide what product is best for your students to sell. Perhaps you want to focus on calendars, greeting cards, gift wrap or gift tags, since these are items many parents will be picking up for the holidays anyways. It can be tricky deciding what to sell but remember that seemingly small items can add up to a lot of money! School groups raise more than a billion dollars every year selling items such as cookie dough, calendars or coupon books. Don’t miss your opportunity to get in on the action and raise funds for your school.

Once you decide on the best product to sell be sure to advertise your fundraiser. You can put up customized posters throughout the school and in your local libraries, churches, grocery stores and shops. You could also create customized postcards with your fundraisers information – these could be sent home with the children and even mailed to local businesses or given out at community events.

Take your fundraiser online! Most people these days will appreciate the opportunity to shop online in the comfort of their own home. Not to mention this type of fundraiser works great for family or friends at a distance that still want to support your school. Your school most likely already has a website, so just dedicate a page to use to collect funds via PayPal, so grandparents and family that don’t live locally can still donate to your child’s school. Don’t forget – this holiday season is the perfect time to remind people that all donations made to the school are tax deductible.




5 Super Sweet Ways to Use Gift Tags as Valentines


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, making now the perfect time to start getting your valentine’s list and ideas together. I am a huge fan of valentines that don’t require a lot of time or energy to put together. However, I am looking for valentines that aren’t only simple – they need to be cute, fun and memorable.

This year I was also looking for fun valentine’s not only for my son’s classmates and teachers, but valentines that could double as a sweet surprise for my own child and husband. I also needed to come up with a valentine idea that could be used at my son’s school dance to raise funds for their class trip.

I immediately thought of adorable gift tags – not only are they completely customizable, but I love the generous size, affordability (40/$15), versatility (you can view your finished design before you order) and cute designs too. Here is a peek at how I plan to use these cute gift tags this Valentine’s Day:

  1. Class Valentines

    My son is planning to give a stack of colored pencils to his classmates – by tying them up with a personalized gift tag for each child, the valentine will be more personal and fun!

  2. Teacher Valentines

    My son is giving each of his teachers a hand-painted tote bag complete with supplies for their classrooms. This gift is taken to a whole new level when finished with a personalized gift tag with the teacher’s name on it and a special note from my son.

  3. Secret Surprise

    I love to tuck special surprises into places that my son can find throughout the day on Valentine’s Day. I plan to add a cute personalized gift tag inside his backpack, lunchbox and coat pocket – each tied to a special valentine treat!

  4. Husband’s Need Love too!

    I also love to surprise my husband on love day – instead of giving him a traditional Valentine’s Day card; I plan to surprise him with tickets to a comedy show. I plan to wrap a gift tag around the tickets instead of a card and since these gift cards are a generous size (2.75 “x 4.25”) it leaves me a lot of room to write in a special message to my special man.

  5. School Dance Fundraiser

    My son’s class is raising funds for their end of school class trip. We decided to sell personalized gift tags (we ordered designs that both boys and girls will adore) and tied them to roses and small boxes of chocolate. The children will be able to purchase the treats for special delivery throughout the week of Valentine’s Day and during the dance as well.