How Your Event Ticket Stub Can Save You Money While Building Your Mailing List


When you purchase  admission tickets for an event, chances are these tickets come with a stub. The ticket itself is used to gain entrance into the event and the stub is either utilized in a creative way or tossed in the trash. If your organization is tossing the stub, you are missing out a great way to save money while building your client list.

Each  ticket and stub comes numbered  along with an area to customize. If you do not have a raffle or giveaway consider printing lines on the stub for individuals to write down their contact information. Using the ticket stub to collect this information is an excellent way to build your mailing list.  Collecting these stubs will generate a list of people that you can invite to upcoming fundraising opportunities and future events, so you will need to get creative to encourage people to leave you this information.

A great way to encourage people to give you their contact information is by offering a reward when they use the stub or giving this part of the ticket a value. For example, you can alert your guests that they can redeem the ticket stub for a free drink, sweet treat, entry into a  raffle, or a free event t-shirt. If your event is specifically for the purpose of fundraising, you can use the ticket stub to collect the individuals contact information and donation amount.

If your organization is selling tickets for a relay event, you can have the individual use the ticket to enter the race and then use the ticket stub for a raffle at the Family Day Event that the race sponsor hosts after the race. If your organization can offer a chance to win a large prize, it will boost the attendance at the Family Day Event because people love the opportunity to win something amazing!

If your school’s PTA is going to be selling tickets to the upcoming dance, graduation party or art exhibit and can only sell a certain number of tickets due to the size of the venue or chaperone ratios, tickets are a great way to go. You can encourage utilization of the ticket stub by offering students a free slice of pizza, a drink, or party favor bag. This in turn is a great way to keep a record of how many people actually attended the event, allowing you to compare attendance from one year to the next and to adjust and plan accordingly the next year.

Whether you are utilizing event tickets to build a mailing list or to track attendance to save your organization money in the future, they are a great, affordable option that your organization can really benefit from.


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