How to Order Ticket Stock With Worldwide Ticket Craft

movie theater

Worldwide Ticket Craft sells a variety of blank ticket stock for vendors and event hosts to keep on hand when custom tickets run out, or for customers who prefer to create and print their own tickets on a thermal ticket printer. Our ticket stock works with all Worldwide Ticket Craft printers and any standard direct thermal ticket printer that utilizes a solid black bar mark starting at 1 3/16” from the lead edge.

All generic thermal tickets come in commonly used sizes and perforated with black marks positioned to be read by most thermal printers. Some ticket stock options come with black light and coin activated security features, and a variety of color options are available.

If you’re customizing ticket stock on our website, follow the above instructions to choose a template (like this DIY Digitek General Admission ticket), choose your quantity, and click “Customize Order”. Once you’re on the customizable template screen, simply follow the steps on the left of the screen to enter the information pertinent to your event. You’ll be able to enter custom text, choose your own font style, sizes, and colors, and view an instant preview on the custom ticket screen. Once you’ve customized the front of your ticket, choose the ticket back template to upload an image of your logo or other artwork. You will also have the option to use our disclaimer or upload your own.

Once you’ve created your tickets, click on the shopping cart icon above the custom ticket screen to approve, save, or cancel your editing. If you approve, you’ll see a proof of your ticket, and will click the box next to “I accept the conditions” if everything looks right. Once you’ve accepted, you’ll be taken to the checkout page.

Ordering customizable ticket stock and creating personalized tickets has never been easier! Visit our website to view our full catalog and order your tickets today.

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